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Since 2014, Barden Linguistics helps you find a language exchange partner near you, for free in over 90 languages. This website is now closed as we are working on relaunching with the mobile apps on iOS and Android. Barden linguistics is the launch version of the Barden Project, a matching app for exchanging knowledge based on live learning experiences and a time-for-credit point system.

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  • Boston
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington D.C.

Meet the team

  • Marion Guerriero

    Founder & CEO

    New York
  • Stéphane Bachelier

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Marion Pia

    Head of Community Montréal

  • Kevin

    Head of Community New York

  • Pierre-Olivier

    Head of Community Québec

  • Diana

    Head of Community Barcelona

  • Martina

    Head of Community Roma