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Since 2014, Barden Linguistics helps you find a FREE language barter, find 100+ resources needed to learn & practice a foreign language today!

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  • Duolingo is the world's
    most popular way to learn a language.
    It's 100% free, fun and science-based.
    Practice online on duolingo.com
    or on the apps!

  • Babbel is the new way to learn
    a foreign language. The comprehensive
    learning system combines effective
    education methods with state-of-the-art technology.

  • A simple, addictive and fast
    way of learning languages.
    Join the community today and try
    our world-leading scientific approach.

  • Chat in English with Robot Andy.
    English Practice, Grammar, Speaking.
    Andy English Bot is the best
    chatbot for learning English.

  • OKpanda's key features.
    Personalization = zero wasted time.
    the fastest way to
    improve English skills.

  • HiNative is a global Q&A platform
    where you can ask people
    from all over the world questions
    about language and culture.
    We support over 110 languages.

  • Join the global language learning community,
    take language courses to practice
    reading, writing, listening and
    speaking and learn a new language.

  • Learn languages enjoyably with interesting,
    authentic content in a global community.
    Listen and read, grow your vocabulary,
    learn from anything on the web.

  • Learn a new language with games,
    humorous chatbots and
    over 30000 native speaker videos.

  • Learn how Mango Languages'
    language-learning resources help patrons,
    students, employees, and individuals learn
    60+ languages online and on-the-go.

  • Learn a new language for free with Mondly,
    the award-winning language learning app
    loved by millions of people worldwide

  • The Teach Yourself® language series include
    courses for 65 of the world's modern and
    ancient languages. Trusted by language
    learners for more than 75 years.

  • Perfected over decades of teaching Hollywood
    stars,politicians and business leaders,
    the highly acclaimed Michel Thomas Method
    lets you pick up a new language naturally.

  • ASSIMIL privilégie l'apprentissage des langues
    par l'intuition en conjuguant souplesse,
    humour et autonomie...Plus de 100
    Langues Disponibles au Catalogue !

  • Learn a second or foreign language
    using the programs designed by Dr. Pimsleur.
    The Pimsleur method is a totally integrated
    language learning program.

  • Rosetta Stone is the best way
    to learn a foreign language.
    The award-winning language solution
    combines proven learning methods with the
    world's best speech recognition technology.

  • The Berlitz Method has revolutionized
    language training around the world.
    Berlitz has helped millions speak new
    languages and cross cultural boundaries.

  • Learn to speak a new language
    effectively through books, audio, apps,
    online courses and etutors
    with Living Language.

  • McGraw Hill our one-stop shop
    for great content to help you build
    your language skills, whether you are
    learning by yourself or studying for class.

  • Free online language learning:
    courses, audio, video and games,
    including the alphabet, phrases,
    vocabulary, pronunciation,
    grammar, activities and tests.

  • Language immersion is the key
    to learning a foreign language.
    FluentU brings language learning
    to life through language immersion
    with real-world videos.

  • The efficiency of the MOSA Learning ®
    method is based on principles of cognitive
    science for maximum results,
    calculates your revision schedule
    within an SRS system.

  • Lang-8 is the best place for learning
    and practicing foreign languages.
    Post an entry in the language
    you are learning, then a native speaker
    will correct your entries.

  • Formerly named Foreign Languages and
    Literatures, we are committed to promoting
    research agendas that will transform
    international cultural studies for the 21st century.

  • Read your favorite webpages,
    translate the words you don't know,
    and we'll generate flashcards
    to help you remember.

  • Learn foreign languages.
    Free resources and community for learning
    English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese,
    Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Hindi
    and other languages online.

  • Clozemaster is language learning
    gamification through mass exposure
    to vocabulary in context.

  • Learn Spanish, English, and other languages
    one sentence at a time with real sentences
    from the news. Master high-frequency
    vocabulary words in context.

  • Glossika's spaced repetition method
    delivers fluency by using sound patterns
    and real-life conversations.

  • uTalk's Great Language Adventure.
    Try out 40 languages free as part of
    uTalk's Great Language Adventure

  • Transparent Language helps millions
    learn over 100 foreign languages.
    Download free language-learning software
    and start learning a language now.

  • Online language courses that are
    simple, powerful and work.
    Devised using the strategies polyglots use,
    our award-winning courses are the most
    comprehensive available.

  • All you need to learn over
    130 languages under one roof.
    Skype language lessons,
    the Peace Corps language course,
    FSI courses, DLI courses & more.

  • Yabla is a great tool to help you
    along with learning a language.
    Easy to use and has some great features.

  • Fluent City offers convenient language lessons
    in NYC, DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and online.
    Take our free 5-minute assessment now.

  • LanguagePod101.com offers Language Learning
    Podcasts in Arabic, French, German, Japanese,
    Korean, Italian, Russian, and Spanish

  • Learn a new language today with
    Fluenz™ language learning software for
    Mac, PC, Android phones and iPhone.
    Visit Fluenz and try Fluenz™ free.

  • Learn to speak foreign languages.
    Listen to professional recordings,
    record yourself on 1000s of sentences,
    and get daily pronunciation feedback from coaches.